About: The Dark Pheenix


     Raised and originally hailing from Queens, in New York, The Dark Pheenix first fell in love with music at an early age. Having picked up the guitar at the age of 12, and coming from a very musical family, he instantly fell in love. Growing up playing in bands he taught himself guitar, bass and drums. After falling in love with music production, electronic music and the NYC club scene, he picked up keyboards as well. He has spent his life in a perpetual quest for musical knowledge, spanning both U.S. coasts and music from around the world. Having spent time in NYC, D.C. Metro and now based in California, his knowledge of music and the dance culture continues to grow exponentially. As a multi-instrumentalist and DJ the Dark Pheenix brings his extensive abilities, expansive knowledge and  undying passion for music, to every production and performance. In his words:


Music isn’t a lifestyle…..It is life  –  The Dark Pheenix

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